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Earth and Search - Unified 

GeoFind brings together the Google Search Appliance and Google Maps/Google Earth to enable users to quickly find information in their organization, geocode it on the fly, and visualize it in Earth/Maps. GeoFind requires no pre-processing of your data and is fully compatible with all of the features of the Google Search Appliance and Google Earth/Maps.
GeoFind Whitepaper

GeoFind Enables:

  • Expose geographic information in your DB and documents
  • Display search results on your globe through instant geocoding
  • Index and Search KMLs and GIS Information
  • Supports multiple geographic references for any piece of data
  • Navigate seamlessly between Google Search and Earth


  • Documents, spreadsheets, presentations, PDFs, etc. (over 250 different data formats)
  • Live databases
  • Content platforms (SharePoint, Documentum, etc.)
  • Active Directory/LDAP
  • KML/KMZ files